Beach Puddle

Beach Puddle
Memories of St Helens weekend.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Catch up time...

It has been a month or two or three....Heaps of stuff has happened in that time  mostly good too :) 

I had a great trip to the National basketry Gathering in Canberra ..our nations capital ...and it's centenary.
Met up with many old friends and aquaintances over the four days.Met some lovely new people who share my passion for doing stuff... It was arranged for me to move out of the room I was sharing with my dear Tassie mates because (you guessed it !)  I snored way to loud.. I was happy in my own space and so were the others in there quieter one.
I then spent a couple of days in Sydney with my cousin which was lovely.Hot though.

I curated an exhibition last Nov called 'GATHER' (it is now touring the state with TRA) for our members and we are now working towards "From Forest To Foreshore' another state wide exhibition for October/November at Gallery Parnella in St Helens...
Our Basketmakers have a facebook page now  so swing by and like us if you wish , 
and keep up with what is happening in Tassie.

So has Tin Shed Pottery (if you don't know already. )
It is Tin Shed Pottery's 10th Anniversary on 1st of July ( and hubby's 60th) we are holding a celebratary exhibition titled 'DECADE' .It will show case 18 of our resident artisans/ craftspeoples terrific work.
It will be held at the Mill Providore and Gallery  in June/July.

I have the kids and kiddies coming for dinner so better do a bit more organising.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


                                  Here are some pics of the little dyeing day I had last month..
                                                       .Tut Tut me for taking so long.
yummy bundles these colours

wool fabric ...cordata

leaf prints

more cordata

and still more :)

fine silk gauze that i knotted...

I just love these colours and the smell as it is cookin / simmering  hmmm.
should really do a little more stitching , the fabrics are mounting up !

Pauline and me are having a couple of windows at Deloraine during the craft will be a sea theme with basketry and the other will be a display of natural dyeing .

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Today I am doing a little natural dyeing using the fabulous eucalyptus cordata
that my dear friend Pauline gave me...just a few small pieces of silk and some
wool blankie that needs a bit extra...
I will take a pic or two when I undo the  bundles .. intend to let it cool slowly !!!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Surprise I Am Back...

Couldn't resist ..Another exhibition piece a random weave basket for' Hidden Treasures ' a show put on by Lighthouse Regional Arts in George Town, my home town....

I have used a variety of materials ...willow, red dogwood,wisteria,cordaline,iris,watsonia and tall spike reed.
A plethora of treasures hidden in the back yard and compost heap.

A little willow turtle just cause I could.

I thought I had better let you all know what I have been up to over the past month...

First up some pics of the box I made to house the lovely books we made at the Basketry Gathering last year :-)

It did take me a while but with some assistance from AnneNewton I got it done...

Recently  or maybe it was a month or two ago...time seems to fly by lately for me...
I posted a pic of a box i was making for the Shelley Beach Exhibition...well I did finish it and I am very pleased with the result and it was very popular  at the show...or so I was told.

So here are some pics of the end product.

This is the box . I called it Treasure Trove.

this is a little box within the box...these pieces range from 1cm to 5cm.

These little treasures live under the box in the box...teeny tiny shells and urchins

Basketry shell form and thrown and altered porcelain shell ...9cm long.

Porcepine and cow fish skeleton ...10 cm ish

bundle of bones and book.11 cm.

I had a great time making this piece, which is about 38cm square all up and  11cm high , I covered the outside with used T Bags (ever so versatile) and lined the inside with some of my hand made recycled paper.
I highlighted the compartment separators using shiva stick ( thanks Tracy) which really finished it off.
All the treasures inside I have gathered over many hours beach walking ,or made using clay, natural fibres , recycled handmade papers and a generous gift of the porcipine fish skeleton and a few papers from Tracy's treasures.

Sick of boxes yet????                     Well I have made four more for Cath's bridge club trophy's.

They will hold a rectangular platter which Cath has been commisioned to produce and are 22x14x4cm.
Little heart buttons made by Gill Riches...T Bags again and clear sealer and shellac.
The platters will be crystal glazed stoneware clay...similar works found here

I am now busy organising our Basketry exhibition 'Gather' which opens  14th October and in the process of creating pieces for that...keeping me out of mischief thats for sure !!!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Frosty Mornings

I walk along the Tamar River boardwalk most mornings on my way to work,
some frosty mornings I have to detour or risk ending upon my bum... Here is a pic or two...
I am not the only one. :)

A little breathing space

Bron at the start

Rynne (host) and Bron with her framed up chair

weavin the back...lookin fantastic

crack willow and golden willow close up
Well I have been busy...
Finished my piece for Shelley Beach exhibition ( pics later)
Taught a willow furniture/sculpture workshop last weekend...hubby Ian assisted and the 8 participents had a great time creating fabulous pieces from crack willow and dog wood...
Original plans went out the window and the materials took over... here is a few pics !!

Bernadine hosted the workshop and her partner Rynne supplied the shed and dogwood.

A well earned rest

the fiddly bits

completed project   

close up  of random weave shell nest woven with golden willow
Leeanne and Alison getting started
Alison's framed up

busy seating

almost finished
LeeAnne had a plan and it all came together beautifully over the weekend

lovely pieces of dogwood, used to perfection  yet agan.

Anita used apple tree prunings as her structure and willow for bracing

and weaving the seat.

second piece on the go
Katherine beginnings...

almost finished planter box

and the second one o the go
give a girl a drill and who knows what might happen.
Dee thought she might make a manequin , but changed her mind

A family sized outdoor bench/couch grew as the weekend progressed

with help from Ian

and advice from Dee's hubby John....How will we get it home? he asks...
It was a fun weekend and unfortunately my camera went flat so I don't have pics of all the pieces finished but am hopeful I will get some copies to share....especially the group pic of us all seated on Dee's piece.

Now it is time to create a' Hidden Treasure'
  for the Georgetown Exhibition in Oct...
No Rest For The Wicked as they say...